Birmingham Heritage Art

Birmingham Heritage Paintings featuring Smethwick history

Painting Style, Expressionism, Realism, Photo realism, Contemporary

Technique, hand painted with artist brushes

Paint Media, professional quality acrylic hand painted on Marine Ply

Size, approximately 2 metre x 1 metre

Mounting technique, custom steel brackets mounted to steel fence rails

The Birmingham Heritage murals were specifically designed for high traffic situations, the murals were painted at our studio onto marine grade ply boards, once completed they were transported to the NSDT and mounted directly onto the NSDT car park fence. The mural subjects include a Malcolm X mural, a Vintage Smethwick High St mural, Galton Bridge landscape mural, the Smethwick pumping station landscape muralĀ and a double board mural depicting the past and future for Smethwick showing the Smethwick Glassworks painting and the new Brasshouse Lane NSDT project

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