Wildlife wall mural tutorial video

Welcome the link below will take you to my wall  mural tutorial video.

Wildlife wall mural tutorial video – Here you can view a full colour wildlife wall mural painted in acrylics from blank canvas to completion. The video goes through the various layering stages and is an invaluable tool for experinced and novice artists. Watch how a full colour canvas is underpainted then layered with acrylic paints to build depth and detail.

I hope you enjoy my wall mural tutorial video and pick up a few tips lon the way by Mural Painter Bal Dhamia


Wildlife wall mural tutorial video  Wildlife wall mural tutorial video  Wildlife mural tutorial video

Wildlife Landscape Wall Mural

Wildlife Landscape Wall Mural

This magnificent wildlife wall mural is part of a set, you can view more of these murals below.

The Mural Painter  Bal Dhamia was tasked with creating these amazing landscape murals to transform the look of the Le Jardin Punjabi restaurant.

What a transformation! The attention to detail sets the mood in this restaurant, the landscape murals feature stunning scenes packed with wildlife, including elephants, peacocks and cranes.

Besides these wildlife landscape murals, we also designed a ceiling mural too.

Wildlife Landscape Murals 02 by Mural ArtistWildlife Landscape Wall Murals 03 by Mural ArtistWildlife Landscape Murals 04 by Mural Artist

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