Restaurant art

Classical Indian mural

Painting Style, Realism

Technique, hand painted with artist brushes

Paint Media, professional quality acrylic on waterproof canvas

Size, approximately 3 metre x 2 metre

Mounting technique, Marouflage -is a technique for affixing a painted canvas to a wall to be used as a mural, using an adhesive

This stunning  mural was commissioned by the new owners of the Ramada Park Hall hotel in Wolverhampton. The sheer scale and detail needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Click on the image for a closer look.

Hand painted by one of the UK’s top Mural artists Bal Dhamia, this amazing painting took 2 months to complete and was painted off site in the studio.

Bollywood Art

This amazing collection of Bollywood Art has been painted by mural painter Bal Dhamia. Painted by hand on huge billboard size canvasses these stunning Bollywood Art paintings remind us of days gone by when all the new movies would have hand painted posters. Bal has developed a true skill for painting scenes from Bollywood classic movies. Ideal for adding drama, romance and a talking point for wide open spaces in banqueting halls, hotels, restaurants, clubs and games rooms.

There are plenty more custom wall murals coming to this website, so stay tuned!

Why don’t you get your customised murals commissioned by us?

For clubs and pubs the contemporary style looks great, if you have a restaurant then you could go for the classical look?

Whatever you decide we are here to help you make your dream mural a reality.

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Bollywood ArtBollywood ArtBollywood Art


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