Mod Target Mural




Mod Target Mural

This stunning hand painted Mod Target Mural was commissioned by Marc Branif of Lisburn, his love of all things Mod and the associated musical influences of his youth were the seed behind his plan to create a stunning focal point for his new home. Marc searched the internet for a skilled mural artist who could turn his dream into reality, from the moment he saw a few examples of my artwork he knew his search was over.

Design Brief

The brief was to include his heroes Liam and Noel Gallagher from Oasis, Ian Brown from the Stone Roses and Richard Ashcroft from the Verve, Marc also requested the Mod target be included. I designed an Oasis, Verve, Stone Roses Mod Target Mural and sent a draft copy by email for approval. Marc was very happy with the Mod Target mural design and he booked me a flight to Lisburn to discuss his project further.


The Mod Target mural would be  painted by hand in a contemporary style with a limited color palette. The canvas should be hard wearing and relocatable and installation should be quick with minimal disruption.

We discussed a project timescale, budget and installation and a price was agreed. I painted the mural at my studio in Wolverhampton and flew out to Lisburn to install the mural.

Marc was thrilled with his new Mod Target Mural, it takes center stage in his lounge, he said it has become the talk of the town and he is the envy of his friends.

The canvas is pasted directly onto the wall and a black wooden bead bonded over the canvas edge completes the framed effect, this method of mounting the canvas is known as marouflage, it enable me to create large complex murals at my studio to be mounted on site with minimum disruption to the client.

Click on the image below to give you an idea of the scale of the Mod Target Mural.


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