Restaurant mural

Looking for a gorgeous Restaurant mural?

Add a touch of art to your business with an eye-catching restaurant mural hand painted to the highest standard.

I can paint any theme or style specific to your restaurant ie popular cities, wildlife to tasty food. You’ll find an authentic hand painted restaurant mural is perfect for dressing up your space and creating a beautiful focal point for your customers to admire and remember while they wait.

Whether  you own an Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai or in fact any restaurant I’m sure I can create a stunning mural catered just for you.

The Process

All murals where possible are painted off site at my studio to prevent disruption for your business. When your restaurant mural is complete it is transported on site and installed. Installation takes a couple of hours and is quick and mess free.

Call Melissa today to discuss how we can enhance your restaurant – 0772 2239378





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