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 Art Workshop Art Workshop Art WorkshopLooking for an exciting Art Workshop suitable for all ages? well Bal has created just that. The Aboriginal Art Workshop is a 2-3 day introduction to aboriginal style finger painting.

The aim of the Art Workshop is to enable children and adults to express their artistic flair and nurture their motor skills, hand articulation, co-ordination and concentration.

What does this mean?.

Art is a great way for individuals to express thoughts and emotions, Bal worked with native aboriginal artists in Australia for 3 years, they had a fantastic flair for colour and expression. This got Bal thinking, the aboriginal “dreamtime” style of finger dot painting could be implemented by anyone of any age, especially children. The results are stunning and anyone can create a magnificent artwork to be proud of in a very short space of time and with limited knowledge of painting. This style of finger painting strips art back to the bare bones, similar to how our ancestors the cave men would have possibly created the first cave paintings.

Art Workshop gets results! The journey is very exciting and the final artwork looks breathtaking, the childrens groups I have worked with have been astounded by the finished artwork and many budding artists have emerged as a result.

The Art Workshop is structured around 2-3 days depending on the size of the group and final mural size, Bal will supply all paints and materials and will mentor the group from start to finish.

These photo’s are from the NSDT North Smethwick Development Trust summer school childrens group engageing in a 2 day Aboriginal Art Workshop. the kids really enjoyed getting involved and all the artwork was created by them. The age range was 5-12 years and I’m sure you will agree the final pieces look stunning.

On reflection Bal noted that the children who had an artistic flair carried the project to completion but most importantly they engaged with children of less ability and often guided them when they went wrong or became distracted. The group morale was consistantly high and it was great to see a sense of achievement and teamwork amongst the youngsters.

The cost of the Art Workshop starts at £350 per day for a group of 15, we use water based paints as they are non toxic and odourless, you may specify paper or canvas. Paper and paints are provided by muralartist4u. Note Canvas is priced separately at extra cost if required.

Larger or smaller groups can be accommodated, please call Melissa 07722239379 to arrange or discuss.

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