Lhasa Apso hand painted portrait on canvas

Take a close look at this special Lhasa Apso hand painted portrait on canvas

Meet Rolo the cute Lhasa-Apso owned by a client in Wolverhampton, she loves her furry friend so much she commisssioned a hand painted full colour portrait on canvas.

Nothing can capture the true character and essence of your pet quite like a hand painted portrait, I can even work from old faded photo’s to recreate your fondest memories.

Pets are a huge part of our lives and what a better way to celebrate the special animal in your life than having a hand painted pet portrait. Pet portraits make a unique Christmas, birthday, wedding or anniversary present or just a gift to yourself.

This Lhasa Apso hand painted portrait on canvas costs a lot less than you might think, with prices starting at only £85 for a 50 cm x 70 cm portrait.

Call me today for a no obligation friendly chat to discuss your pet portrait on 01902 831639 or use the contact page and I will get back to you within 24 hours

Pet Dog portrait by mural painter Bal Dhamia

Lhasa Apso hand painted portrait on canvas



Movie mural


Movie mural – Trinity Matrix mural 

A great contemporary painting, 2 metre x 1 metre acrylic movie mural on canvas featuring Trinity from the hit movie The Matrix painted by mural painter Bal Dhamia

If you like the look of the Trinity Matrix mural, you can always get one re-created for yourself, or perhaps another character from the movie of your choice. Themed murals look fantastic in your home, office, workshop, man-cave or business.

Contact the Mural Artist 4u today, and let us know what custom artwork we can create for you.

Call Melissa – 077 222 393 78 to discuss your movie themed mural project.

Michael Jackson Portrait

Michael Jackson Portrait

A simply stunning portrait of the late great Michael Jackson, by mural painter Bal Dhamia

This portrait is breathtaking to all Michael Jackson fans.

If you like it, then why not get one commissioned for yourself, or think bigger and get a Michael Jackson mural instead!

Guide Dog Portrait

This beautiful Guide Dog Portrait has a rather touching story attached to it. Unfortunately, the guide dog known as Ricky passed away recently, so his trainer wanted a portrait to remember him by.

Our Mural Artist had only the photograph below to go by, to make this painting come alive.

Also below, is a close up of the dog portrait so that you can appreciate the level of details our Mural Artist achieved with this painting.

Dog Portrait Close Up by Mural ArtistGuide Dog Portrait

Kids Portrait

A contemporary Kids Portrait, painted on an acrylic canvas using a dry brush technique.

This acrylic on canvas portrait was painted from two seperate photo’s and blended to create one beautiful portrait by mural painter  Bal Dhamia

Why not get your special children immortalised by one of the team here at Mural Artist 4u?

Hand painted family portrait by Mural Artist 4 u

Hand painted family portrait by Mural Artist 4 u

This magical Hand painted family portrait by Mural Artist 4 u was created for a local mum who wanted her favourite photo hand painted on canvas, my client wanted to capure just the look in her daughters eyes  the original photo was spoiled by too much sun light as it was taken in front of a window and much of the original detail lost.

My client had a tear in her eye when she collected her painting, she said she never dreamed it would look as stunning as it does.

There is no better way to give a gift than preserving an image of a loved one on canvas in the form

of a Hand painted  family portrait by Mural Artist 4 u

A Hand painted family portrait by Mural Artist 4 u can be handed down from generation to generation.

How to order your Hand painted  family portrait by Mural Artist 4 u

  1. Select a nice clear photograph.
  2. email the photo along with a short message of the size and style you would like to muralartist4u@hotmail.co.uk
  3. You can also post the photo to Hand painted family portrait by Mural Artist 4 u , 11 Bradmore rd, Wolverhampton, WV3 9BH. Please send via recorded delivery.
  4. I will create a draft image in the style of your choice and email it back to you for approval
  5. Once approved and a deposit payment received your portrait will be painted within 7 days and may be collected in person or I can post it worldwide

All photo’s received by post are returned via recorded delivery

Hand painted family portrait by Mural Artist 4 u click for a close up view

Hand painted family portrait by Mural Artist 4 u


Luke Skywalker mural

Mural painter Bal Dhamia painted this Luke Skywalker mural, in a scene from the final battle in Star Wars.

The Luke Skywalker mural features Luke as “Red Leader” piloting his X-wing with R2 in the back.

A great fun mural idea superb for a mancave or kids room.


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