Art for Hospitals

Art for Hospitals 

Painting Style, Illustration

Technique, hand painted with artist brushes

Paint Media, professional quality acrylic on waterproof canvas

Size, approximately 3 metre x 2 metre

Mounting technique, Marouflage -is a technique for affixing a painted canvas to a wall to be used as a mural, using an adhesive

Our Art in Hospitals Programme is part of our commitment to enhancing the environment in which our community work, care and visit.We work alongside ward managers,staff and patients to create original and vibrant wall art, our murals are painted off site at our studio then transported on site when they are ready to install.

Installation is fast and fuss free, with minimum disruption for staff and patients. A typical two wall mural can be installed in 2-3 hours with no mess or paint odors often associated with painting on site.

Nottingham City Hospital Mural feedback

The feedback we received during installation was extremely positive, ward staff, parents and their friends all stopped and commented how amazing the transformation was and how it created a colorful and positive environment for everyone to enjoy.

The ward staff couldn’t believe the difference and the speed of installation. We painted the murals off site onto canvas at our studio and installed them overnight ensuring minimum disruption for staff and patients.

We hope you enjoy viewing the images of  our many Hospital Mural projects.

Book a free consultation today, call Melissa on 0772 2239379 to discuss your project or 

Softplay art, Fairytale art

Painting Style, Illustration, Surrealism

Technique, hand painted with artist brushes

Paint Media, professional quality acrylic direct on wall

Size, ranging from 40 metre x 10 metre to 40 metre x 2 metre

Bal recently won a prestigious contract to work on an ambitious and exciting new development,  a 30,000 sq ft kids indoor play arena known as the Riverside Hub in Northampton the largest soft play indoor play arena in the UK.

Bal has been working hard painting 4 super sized murals for the Riverside Hub. The Owners of the new development scoured the country for the finest contractors and artist to help make their ambitious project a reality. The brief was simple, they required a proven mural artist who would  help them develop their ideas and deliver a stunning job on time.

The Riverside Hub theme is Play, Party, Learn and Create. The four murals required were a huge rolling countryside for the toddler village area. Also an equally huge wall mural for the creative Snug and play arena, a huge enchanted forest mural for the princess party room and a baloon themed mural for the party area.

Here are some work in progress images, this reall gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ” no job is too big”.

Riverside Hub

You can follow the Riverside Hub project on facebook.

Children’s themed art & murals

Children’s themed art 

Children use imagery to help them communicate, learn, relax and play so if you have a themed mural idea for a child’s bedroom, nursery or  games room I will be happy to discuss your ideas and offer a free no obligation quote.

I’ve painted countless home and business murals for many prestigious clients who expect nothing but the absolute highest standard of artistry and skill.

If you have an eye for detail, artistic flair and expect nothing but the absolute highest quality artwork for your home or business then

call Bal today on 07722239378 to discuss your project.

Kids Mural – Beatrix Potter by Mural Artist 4 u

Kids Mural – Beatrix Potter by Mural Artist 4 u

A splash of colour in the form of a kids mural on the plain wall certainly transforms this kids bedroom.

Why spend a small fortune decorating your child’s room with boring patterned paper or plain colour’s when muralartist4u can transform any space into another world.

A themed mural can be great for creating a calm relaxing environment for your baby or an exciting world for kids and toddlers, dare I say – even the big kid in all of us has space for a stunning mural

We also painted a much larger mural in the same bedroom. View the larger image below

Kids Mural - Beatrix Potter by Mural Artist 4 u

Kids Mural

Mural Artist Bal Dhamia painted this great nursery mural of the Beatrix Potter Rabbits Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail , I think you will agree it is a great idea for a kids mural.

The client knew exactly what she wanted painting onto the wall of her baby’s nursery and she wanted it to be painted to the highest standard. She contacted muralartist 4 u and mural painter Bal Dhamia traveled out to Edinburgh to complete the mural.

You may also view a smaller Kids Mural of the Tailor of Glocestershire which was painted in the same bedroom, by clicking here.

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