Mural Artist 4u  artist Bal Dhamia has developed an international reputation for mural painting over the past two decades. Murals of almost any size can be painted on canvas, boards and on plaster and the technique of applying the painted canvas to walls, called marouflage, has been perfected.

All the murals are designed by Mural Painter Bal Dhamia in consultation with the client. Artistic excellence, attention to detail and reliability are paramount.

Bal Dhamia is a trompe l’oel Mural Painter who enjoys painting both private and commercial commissions to any dimension and theme.

As a professional mural artist Bal Dhamia takes pride in producing bespoke pieces of the finest quality.

He knows all about creating the perfect artwork for any space commercial or private.

These include commercial murals, Kids murals, portraits and abstract pieces.

Bal deals directly with his clients from consultation to completion. This close relationship ensures complete understanding for each and every project. He has the vision and experience to make artistic recommendations with confidence. Each project can be any size and virtually anywhere, from ceilings to swimming pools.

Mural Artist 4u considers artistic excellence, attention to detail and reliability to be paramount;

To learn more about Bal Dhamia and muralartits4u enjoy viewing the website.

contact us directly for further information.

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