Restaurant mural

Looking for a gorgeous Restaurant mural?

Add a touch of art to your business with an eye-catching restaurant mural hand painted to the highest standard.

I can paint any theme or style specific to your restaurant ie popular cities, wildlife to tasty food. You’ll find an authentic hand painted restaurant mural is perfect for dressing up your space and creating a beautiful focal point for your customers to admire and remember while they wait.

Whether  you own an Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai or in fact any restaurant I’m sure I can create a stunning mural catered just for you.

The Process

All murals where possible are painted off site at my studio to prevent disruption for your business. When your restaurant mural is complete it is transported on site and installed. Installation takes a couple of hours and is quick and mess free.

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Wildlife Landscape Wall Mural

Wildlife Landscape Wall Mural

This magnificent wildlife wall mural is part of a set, you can view more of these murals below.

The Mural Painter  Bal Dhamia was tasked with creating these amazing landscape murals to transform the look of the Le Jardin Punjabi restaurant.

What a transformation! The attention to detail sets the mood in this restaurant, the landscape murals feature stunning scenes packed with wildlife, including elephants, peacocks and cranes.

Besides these wildlife landscape murals, we also designed a ceiling mural too.

Wildlife Landscape Murals 02 by Mural ArtistWildlife Landscape Wall Murals 03 by Mural ArtistWildlife Landscape Murals 04 by Mural Artist

Taj Mahal Wall Mural by Mural Artist 4 u

Taj Mahal Wall Mural by Mural Artist 4 u

This is the second of a two-piece lanscape mural featuring one of the wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal  created by Mural Painter Bal Dhamia

Like the first painting, this has been installed in the Mother India restaurant which is based in Wolverhampton.

The first landscape mural of this set, is also based on an Indian Sunset and features wildlife. You can view the first landscape mural by clicking here.

If you want to see what both the landscape murals look like side-by-side, click the Landscape Murals image below.

Taj Mahal Wall Mural by Mural Artist 4 u

Indian Elephant Landscape Mural

This stunning Indian Elephant Landscape Mural features wildlife and detailed buildings too.

The exquisite landscape mural painting is installed in the Mother India restaurant in Wolverhampton.

They liked the painting so much, they commissioned another one too, which features the Taj Mahal Palace! You can view the second landscape mural by clicking here.

You may also see both the landscape murals side-by-side below.

Indian Elephant Landscape Mural  designed and painted by mural painter Bal Dhamia.


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